The Results from Yesterday

I want to show you a song in progress. Something that when it’s done will not sound like this. It’ll help shed light on the iterative nature of it all.

Here are the lyrics, including the stanza from yesterday in the first verse:

A little today, a little tomorrow
To pick up the empties
To pick up the slack
A little today, a little tomorrow
To loosen the leather
And never…look back
[Verse 1]
Disruptive in silence my Allister stood
The hope of a child and rage of a boy
Pickin himself like he hadn’t a choice
Messing up grain like a knot in the wood
[Verse 2]
Caught in the corner of woodchips and sand
Caught in a finger or stuck in a shoe
Won’t you let down your mind while you open your hand
From the threatening man off waiting for you

[Verse 3]
I was happy, it was simple
Hit the target, live together
Now I’m older, and you’re distant
Always changing like the weather

Different people, newer teachers
Different books and different reasons
Once the dog dies, I won’t tell you
When my health begins to fade


I’m an old man telling my son what to do
I’m an old man
He’s only a boy, and there’s time for him too
He’s only a boy and there’s time…for

[Chorus] 2x

I’ll likely remove the chorus leading up to the bridge, and shorten some of the instrumental breaks between sections.

This isn’t the most exciting part. People would prefer to hear fully finished songs; however, if your ambition is to write songs, it’s important to know how to iterate on a decent idea to see if it’ll turn into a good one.

What rhymes with boy?

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.52.13 AM

What rhymes with boy?

Pretty simple answer: toy.

There’s also joy, destroy, enjoy, Illinois, employ, and the list goes on. I think the most difficult part of writing is figuring out what works, AND what feels the most true.

Here’s the first 3 lines of the stanza in question:
Disruptive in silence my Allister stood,
the hope of a child and rage of a boy.
Messing the grain like a knot in the wood,
(4th missing)

I try to picture the name of my kid, their demeanor, and the blessings and demons passed down from the parents. My Allister felt strangely important to me. Allister is a Gaelic name that means “defender of man”.

I imagine him ruthless and faerie-like. I imagine him fitting in publicly, and feeling isolated internally. I’ve been a harsh master to myself throughout my life, and I’m sure a kid would pick up on it and want to do the same.

Pickin’ at himself like he hadn’t a choice?

Probably not the best rhyme, probably not the best stanza I’ve ever written! But this is how the sausage gets made. You write what you mean, and you scrap it at the end if it sounds bad.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a song, or even a blog post!

Under every good song and verse there’s a mountain of bad ones :)

People don’t write because…

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 1.17.59 PM

People don’t write because they’re scared of what others might think.

Will I be considered pretentious for sharing my thoughts on the internet? What if my opinions and thoughts are factually or morally wrong? Will my firm belief in something make me look foolish? Will they know how many times I edited this page so that the grammar sucked less?

I’ve been a full-time musician for almost 3 years at this point. Not a full time musician with a part time job to make ends meet…a full time musician AND a part time musician, still trying to make ends meet.

I think I know a thing or two at this point, and maybe I’m woefully wrong, but I should at least try to have the courage to share what I’ve learned.

I’m approaching my 600th gig since 2015, and it’s time to do a rough break down of what that looks like:

Mostly – Wineries/Bars/Coffee Shops (background music)
Sometimes – Events (background/featured music at weddings or corporate get togethers)
Once in a while – House concerts (featured musician)

My hope in the next couple years is to mostly play house concerts and events where I’m a featured musician, someone who is paid to play original songs all over the world.

I’m going to do my best in these blog posts to think about you – the actual person reading. You’ll care moderately about my life story, but I think you’ll mostly care about the lessons I’ve learned in this time.

Here’s some of my bread and butter (stuff I think I know):
– How to incorporate music into your business/event in a way that will make your customers happy (not pissing them off because it’s too loud and they hate the songs)
– How to organize an intimate and fun night of live music inside your house for your friends and family
– How to perform in a way that caters to your environment
– How to speak between songs
– What to do before/after your set
– The importance of self-control in the music business
– How to get paid gigs
– How to try something productive, and keep trying
– How to write a song if you don’t know how
– How to (mostly) stay the course

Please note what’s not on this list (stuff I don’t know):
– How to record an album
– How to collaborate with other musicians
– How to properly price yourself as a musician
– How to dress for different occasions as the entertainment
– How to exponentially increase your audience over social media