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With a blend of styles from Americana, to Indie/Folk, to Soul music, Conner Cherland’s voice compares with present day singers like Hozier, Ed Sheeran, and Shakey Graves. Combined with his live guitar looping and carefully chosen lyrics, you’re likely to wonder how so many sounds can come from just one man.

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My Story

I wasn’t groomed for music, I played volleyball for as long as I can remember (parents met each other on the court). As a result, my story will sound pretty similar to High School Musical – the jock secretly expressing himself through music and slowly growing more comfortable singing in front of people.

I’m distracted by what makes a good song – the distance between notes that pulls at your attention, the phrase that sticks to your brain when you lay down for sleep. I care about words, particularly in a well-written song.

At the end of 2014 I made a goal to write 40 songs within 6 months. That time is gone and I’ve officially written more than 120, some of which are really bad…

…and you’ll probably never hear them.

I figured if I wrote that many, at least I’d have a few we could all enjoy.

That brings us to right now, an exciting time where I’m coming to realize that this game is about way more than making songs. It’s about making allies and good friends and really affecting people in the guts. I could use a friend, and your guts, so…if you see me…please say hi :)

My Musical Influences

Sufjan Stevens, Eminem, Lights, Shakey Graves, Coheed and Cambria, Ed Sheeran, City & Colour, Bahamas, A Day To Remember, Allen Stone, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Hozier, and many more.

What I Sound Like

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